Viscent Orthopedic Solutions provides comprehensive orthopedic solutions including orthotic and prosthetic care, orthopedic bracing services, and ancillary post-operative equipment in 19 fully-accredited facilities that span over 16 states. They initially asked us to developed a corporate identity which went on to win a design award in Logo Lounge's 3rd Annual Awards) and then went on to design and built a website to help their in-house marketing department manage online marketing.

  • Logo Design + Branding

    Logo Design + Branding

  • Corporate Identity

    Corporate Identity
    (l to r): Envelopes, Business Cards, Letterhead
  • Corporate Folder

  • Web Design and Development

    Responsive web design + CMS development
    Web Design and Development
    UI: desktop, tablet, mobile

  • Corporate Collateral

    Corporate Collateral
    Corporate Newsletters